Social Media Training

Bespoke training to up-skill your staff with knowledge, methods and strategies...

Not yet utilising the full potential of social media? Putting the time into it, but maybe not getting the desired results back/ a genuine return? Or maybe you want to take things to the next level: focusing on using it for sales and growth, yet are unsure where to start? 

Not to worry. We’ve got you covered.

Working one-on-one with business owners & sales teams, we tackle all of this and more. Offering a variety of full day and half day training programmes, we teach you everything that we know- so that you can apply it specifically to your business to get the results you really want and need too. Cost-effective, goal orientated and highly focused. See the transformation…

Social Media Masterclass for Small Businesses/ Start-ups

  • How to establish your brand & grow your business on social media
  • The essentials of each social network  & which is best for you
  • Content, reach & engagement masterclass
  • How to cultivate, capture & convert your followers into new clients
  • Budget-friendly growth strategies and easy-to-follow instructions

Strategies and Development for Medium-Large Businesses

  • How to use social media to take your business to the next level
  • How to become an Influencer & Industry Expert within your field
  • Unique marketing message templates specifically crafted for you
  • Campaign creation for lead generation & sales
  • How to cultivate, capture & convert: putting you above your competition

Bespoke Training: Getting to the Heart of your Goals

  • STEP 1: Tell us your problems & digital marketing challenges
  • STEP 2: Tell us social media goals for the next 3-6 months
  • We’ll create a bespoke training plan specific for your business
  • This up-skills your staff, provides all the strategy & planning
  • … To ultimately get you to where you want to be!

Special Focus: Social Media for Lead Generation and Sales

  • How to authentically grow your networks with your target audience
  • Personal branding & relationship building (for Sales Teams/ Directors)
  • Create a unique lead magnet to attract, engage & capture
  • Marketing message templates, timescales & essential techniques
  • Ongoing lead generation & strategy plan for overall business growth
Greg Lloyd, Business Development Manager, Aurora Graphics & Displays Ltd:

“As Business Development Manager, I’m constantly looking for new opportunities to bring in business. When I first found out we were getting Linkedin training I was a bit sceptical. I’d never really used social media before and wasn’t sure how well it would work. But Blue Monkey have opened my eyes to the potential! Running through our chosen platform step by step, Ella broke down the channel with insider tips then helped us build on our accounts there and then. We worked on our personal branding, learnt all about online relationship-building and developed a lead generation strategy that we could realistically apply without it taking away from what we’re currently doing. The training was interactive, hands-on and we could even see the impact by the end of the day. I now use Linkedin as a key tool for generating leads. It reduces cold calls and increases conversion, making my life far easier!”


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