We Are BlueMonkey

Managing your digital presence to make YOUR business stand out.


We offer everything to meet your online marketing needs. From Social Media Management to Social Media Training; Blogging & Copywriting to innovative Web Design. We even provide Photography & Videography to fuel your content & increase credibility, plus are due to launch new Online Training Courses: so that you can learn the in’s and out’s of what we do, to apply it yourself. Our packages are bespoke, budget friendly and incredibly flexible. Take a look around…  


Social Media Management

We are your Social Media SPECIALISTS and provide a FREE Social Media Consultation for all new clients interesting in enhancing their business online. This is so that we can understand your target audience and business objectives so that we can then suggest the best platforms and plans to get the best results and ROI for you. The main platforms we work on are: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube & in some cases, Snapchat too.

  • Authentic Follower Growth
  • Engaging Content Creation
  • Brand Awareness & Credibility
  • Increased Traffic to your Website
  • New, warm Business Leads
  • Growth in Sales

Social Media Training

Interested in implementing social media into your marketing plan? Have staff available to work on this, but maybe not currently the skill set and experience to do it properly? Well, that’s where we come in! You don’t have to pay monthly fees for social media management- instead, we’ll teach your team all the tricks of the trade so that they can do it for you! It’s cost effective, easy and means you know they’re doing their job to its full potential. Offering half day, full day and training with social media strategy plans & implementation guides, we really can do it all.

See our Social Media Training page.



Advertising & Promotion

We’ve taken the time to authentically grow our followers, we’ve found ways to get them engaged and noticing the things we post and now- we offer Advertising & Promotion packages for you to benefit from this too. You don’t need to wait to grow your audience, you can collaborate with us to gain exposure in the right places. Because the best part of it? We have the different demographics and target audiences all ready and set up, so we can promote you where you need. It’s faster, more effective and we really work alongside your business to get the results you desire.

See our Advertising & Promotion page.

Blogging & Copywriting

Blogs help with SEO, establish your business as an expert and give people new reasons to visit your site and therefore find out more about you.

In fact, there’s proven statistics that show- businesses who blog receive 97% MORE clicks to their website, because these things really work! Better yet- those people who DO click are the ones who are genuinely interested in what you do (it’s all about clever content creation see!), which means they are also far more likely to buy! B2B marketers that use blogs also receive 67% MORE leads than those who don’t. You’re pre-qualifying potential clients before they even get to you, which makes it pure genius!

We’re here to supply engaging, creative content for your site- whenever you need!

See our Blogging & Copywriting page.



Web Design

We bring your ideas to life. Offering full website design, copywriting and graphic design for your logo- we build your online presence to represent your brand the way you want it to be seen.

Social media is nothing, if you haven’t got an engaging site that sells you and what you do. From concept to creation, we support you every step of the way… And we don’t stop until you are 100% happy.

See our Web Design page.