About us

We are BlueMonkey; managing your digital presence to make YOUR business stand out.


Now I know what you’re thinking – you’ve heard it all before, but here at BlueMonkey the passion is REAL! You see, for us – it’s not about just doing a job for the sake of getting it done. It’s about getting creative! – Transforming a businesses online presence so that THEY become recognised for what they do; receive far more clicks across to their website from an interested target audience AND have a sales system that actually REALLY WORKS!

It’s about helping & supporting businesses, taking them to new levels & becoming part of their extended team. Why take on too much yourself when you can hire an expert to do it BETTER, faster and free up more of YOUR time!?

Time is of the essence my friends and we’re here to get you to where you want to be; faster, easier and with the greatest return on investment.



We pride ourselves in delivering the best possible service, no matter what package or budget you’re working with.

We always begin with a free consultation- to understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve & put the best plans in place to help you reach that. We create bespoke packages based on your objectives and the amount of money allocated to this, or we can tweak our standard packages to most suit your wants and needs! It’s easy, flexible and always with your best interests at heart!


We help you share your message and vision with the world; who you are, what you do and what makes you different! Representing your brand in the most positive, engaging way; we interact with your target audience across a range of social platforms and run campaigns to fit your needs and objectives. We know social like the back of our hand and are here to show you the best way to do it too!


We grow your social media followers authentically and with your target audience. When you work with us, you also benefit from our 55K+ genuine followers and the huge pool of resources we have right at our feet! We can get you seen in the right places, amongst the right people, through a range of tried-and-tested tactics and clever content creation!


Content creation can be tiring. That’s why we’re here to ensure you have new, regular, engaging things going onto your social media channels and your blog. We’re good at this kind of stuff! We mix up promotional posts with shareable things that establish YOU as the expert in your field. It gives people constant new reasons to visit your site and we know it works. You have a voice and we can make it be heard!


Our team are dedicated to getting the results you both want and need. We love a challenge and we love exceeding expectations.

We work with as much or as little or as much input from you as you’d like. And the real beauty of all of this? Our results and impact on your business are MEASURABLE! You’ll notice the difference in no time at all and be able to see the return on your business every single month, whether you stick with the same package or move onto a different one!




We take our promises very seriously. See the guarantees you get with us…