Blogging & Copywriting

Improving your influence; driving traffic through engaging content.

With millions and millions of blogs in the world you may wonder- do I really need one too?! The answer: Yes!- Most Definitely!

Blogs help with SEO, establish your business as an expert and give people new reasons to visit your site and therefore find out more about you. Content is key & blogs are often the solution!

In fact, there’s proven statistics that show- businesses who blog receive 97% MORE clicks to their website, because these things really work! Better yet- those people who DO click are the ones who are genuinely interested in what you do (it’s all about clever content creation see!, which means they are also far more likely to buy! B2B marketers that use blogs also receive 67% MORE leads than those who don’t. You’re pre-qualifying potential clients before they even get to you, which makes it pure genius!

So, why isn’t everyone doing it properly? Because these things take TIME and believe it or not- creativity and skill in constantly supplying new content that is engaging! Thinking up new, interesting topics and then writing them to the highest standard is not always prioritised in a busy organisation. And we don’t blame you- these things can easily slip with so many other things to do in your business.

But – you don’t have to miss out. BlueMonkey are here to take that pressure off you and work away in the background to get the job done right!

We can set up blogs, write great content and get this- we even share them across our social networks for maximum exposure. (We have over 55K followers!) So what are you waiting for?! Start generating leads in NEW ways! Let us help you!

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B2B marketers that use blogs receive 67% more leads than those that do not - Source: 67%
Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website - Source: 97%