Feb 2, 2018 / By Ella Stearn

Why Your Social Media Marketing Sucks! The Key To Conversion

Are you disappointed with the return your social media marketing is getting you? Feel like you’re spending the time/ money on it but not really getting the results you want/ need? Or maybe you’re struggling to fit it in and feeling frustrated that you can’t keep on top of your social media platforms properly? (Don’t worry… a lot of us have been there, we know the struggle!) See there could be a number of reasons your social media may not be quite hitting the mark…

  • Spending time on the wrong platforms
  • Wasting money/ ads on the wrong things
  • Excessive self-promotion with no real value added
  • Acquiring the wrong followers and traffic
  • Sending traffic to the wrong place… Or not having the right content on there once they do reach it.
  • Poor social media content and irregular activity
  • Too much content and too often (Information overload!)
  • Not selecting the right keywords
  • Not really connecting with your audience
  • Lack of originality or personality
  • No utilisation of landing pages
  • No ‘grabber’ to move your target audience into leads

Phew! I’m glad we got a few of those out the way! Another key flaw? A real lack of strategy and planning, which usually comes from a lack of expertise. And hey, I’m not criticising… I get it, I really do. You have a business to run and limited time. You can’t always make sure everything is covered sufficiently and working properly straight away. But once you do recognise there’s a flaw, that’s when you make change to fill the gap. One of the easiest ways? Outsourcing to specialists! It’s cost effective, time effective and really brings back that return!

So how can you start putting a proper strategy in place? That avoids all the issues above, and actually brings in results? Well, one of the key fundamentals lies in creating a strong Social Media Marketing Sales Funnel.

What are these exactly? Well let’s break it down a little…

Broadly speaking, a marketing funnel is the path that your customers travel through: the journey from when they first become aware of your brand, product or service to when they actually make a purchase or refer a friend. All of your marketing efforts (which includes social media) should plan into this. Have you heard of the AIDA model? This stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire & Action.

AIDA Model

It’s a popular marketing framework used by businesses- with the goal to move your target audience through these stages with the end action being that sale. In order to do this properly, you need to really think through your strategies with the HOW that will move people through the process. Now you can actually create more specific Social Media Sales funnels, which directs people through this journey online, step-by-step, from start to finish. (It’s actually what we specialise in, so listen up now!)

How can you create a specific sales funnel for social media?

Well this depends on your business type, your product/ service, your audience, the demand; a whole range of different factors. However, let me give you a super basic, general example of how it can work:

You’re using Facebook or Twitter for business, you have a strong, company account and you start growing your followers on there with your target audience. As the right people follow you, they start to notice what you do through the content you share. (AWARENESS) To begin with, you may not necessarily always stick in their mind. After all, social media is overwhelmed with different businesses and people, all competing to stand out. Simply having someone following you and sharing the right sort of stuff, is not always enough. Then comes step number two… 

You start getting more innovative and creative with your content. Maybe running campaigns or competitions, reaching out to followers more directly and getting higher engagement and interaction on what you’re sharing (INTEREST) You sustain this and push further, using targeted lists (or where the budget is there- ads) with strong conversion strategies in place. You really connect with people, getting to the heart of your audience- using pain, pleasure and personal connection to influence. You work hard and start to ignite -that’s right- (DESIRE)… People really start to want what you are selling and begin to feel the need. They’re clicking on your website more, heading over to those landing pages, possibly signing up for your offers. You can target them more specifically now and begin to build both email and social media lists.

Then, when the time is right, you do one final campaign to convert. An extra incentive to encourage that (ACTION) to buy now!

Remember, it won’t always work like this, you’ll still get sales coming in at different times and the ball is in your court in the fact- you can create a funnel that works best for you. But the potential is massive and by homing in on a specific type of marketing (selecting social media of course!), you can really measure and receive that healthy return!

What can you do to start developing your own social media funnel?

Well, first of all you need to really know your business. What do you sell? What makes it different/ better than your competitors? What makes YOU (and your team) unique? Who exactly are your target audience? How can you find them, reach them and connect with them the best? What value can you add? Get clear. Then you can get planning.

There are then tons of social media tools, networks and options to think about, including everything from Facebook and Twitter to landing pages and email marketing to SEO and ads. Each of these social marketing channels is one more way to guide your prospects through your sales funnel. You just need to decide what you’ll use, how you’ll use it and where it will fit into that buyer journey. Another important aspect is how you’ll monitor and measure the success. Set targets. Understand the process. Because then you can start to tweak it for the highest conversion rate, once you discover what works and what doesn’t.

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