Jan 19, 2017 / By Ella Stearn

Why Blogging Brings in Business & How To Do It Properly

When done properly: blogging really does bring in business. Fresh and regular content is the key. In fact, according to Hubspot, 79% of all those businesses that blog got a positive ROI with significantly more traffic, leads and sales.

Now we’ve spoken here about the content-crazy world that we live in, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you was asking me now,

“Do they REALLY need any more?!”

Well, the answer is YES!… So long as it’s the right content for your business.

Let me explain:

There may be heaps of content online and the chances are, what you’ll be blogging about, people have already blogged about it. BUT: businesses take the time to blog because it works; they see the return. Investing time/ money in blogging for your business will pay off. See the beauty of it is:

  1. You write a post specifically crafted for your target audience, in some way that relates to your products or services.
  2. You share your post on social media and this gives your target audience new reasons to visit your site. This is key. If you just keep sharing the same old things online: people are going to get bored, they will stop paying attention. But if you’re mixing up your promotional posts with shareable/ valuable content, that’s what starts to work. Now if you’re having to share blog posts from other websites and businesses: you’re missing a huge avenue, because YES people may retweet your stuff and click on your social media accounts, but when they click on the links- it’s then not your site they’re on, but someone else’s. Sharing valuable content is key to social media success, so the solution is to produce and share your own to massively reap the rewards.
  3. When your post adds value, your target audience takes note, this makes it shareable, which expands your reach- brings in new leads and also helps with SEO with the more people mooching around your site and pages.

It’s as simple as that.

Top Tips for Blogging for Business:

  1. Know Your Outcome: Now this post is specifically about  blogging for business- more sales and leads, but blogging has other benefits also. For example: blogs are a great source of content rich keywords which helps you be found and rise higher in organic search. Depending on your objectives, it will shape the content you write. Get clear on what you want, and who all of this is for: keeping your target audience in mind whenever you write. What would they find valuable? What would they want to read?
  2. Do Your Research: Following on from my first point, it’s important to write posts that are going to be popular. Take time to search related keywords and phrases and see what comes back. This gives you a good indication what people are searching, so you can then start to craft your content around the demand. The more people who want to know the question you’re answering, the more clicks you will get.
  3. Get Creative: Now you may be writing about similar topics to other businesses, but it’s important to get creative and find ways to differentiate your content from what is already published about the same subject. Think of titles that will draw people in, a particular angle that you know more about than most, a specific question you can answer. The graphics you put with the post are also important, as is making the use of bold, italics, etc to make your post visually appealing. Always take time selecting/ creating the featured image and the introduction is key: hooking them from the start so they read right the way through. Bear in mind SEO in all of this and the description that shows up on Google Search/ Social Media when the link is shared: these first few lines are all that will be seen, so make it gripping!
  4. Add Call To Actions: We don’t want your post to always be sell, sell, sell, but that doesn’t mean you can’t direct your readers across to other places on your site where it fits. Add value, then share what you do. Have a clear strategy behind how you will be converting your readers. Getting them to download something for further information is a good way to generate leads and grows a valuable business database.
  5. Remember: Quality is Key when it comes to blogging. Don’t just publish a post for the case of having a new one: make sure it’s up to standard and showcases your knowledge/ expertise. Poor content will work against you. When you mix quality with quantity and have a regular posting schedule, that really is your recipe for success!

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