Aug 30, 2017 / By Ella Stearn

Social Selling: The Recipe For a Lean, Mean, Selling Machine!

So you’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘social selling’ by now, and no: it’s not the same as social media marketing, social media advertising or even social media promotion! (Mind boggled? Don’t worry- we’re here to explain!) See social selling is slightly different in the fact that it’s more about leveraging your social networks to find the right prospects, connect with them, build trusted relationships, understand their needs (& of course where they are in the buying cycle!) to then be able to really nurture sales prospects for better conversion/ increased revenue. Which after all, is what we ultimately want, right?!

Sounds complicated? Well, it certainly takes a certain level of expertise and planning, but once you know how: it’s not too bad at all! Essentially, it’s simply the modern way to develop meaningful relationships with potential customers that keep you -and your brand- in the forefront of their mind. It’s not about directly selling to them there and then, but ensuring that you become their first natural point of call, when they are ready to buy. (And of course there are ways to subtly speed them up in the process-  so long as you do it right!) When you -or your sales teams- learn how to do it properly, the success rate skyrockets, you find more business coming to you and are possibly -gulp!- even able to ditch those dreaded cold calls… Or at least make them WARMER calls anyhow!

See, this isn’t just me talking. Studies have shown that social selling has the highest lead to close ratio of all prospecting methodologies and 75% of people using social media outsell their peers. Yep, I know- it’s a pretty big deal and the stats speak for themselves. Here, have a mooch through this- ’29 Social Selling Statistics You Need to Know for 2017’ and going one step further- ‘Social Selling Deconstructed’ Check it out. LinkedIn and Hootsuite partnered to demystify where social media and social selling can play an important role in the sales process!

Believe me now? Social selling is something you can’t ignore…

So How Do We Do It?

Well, you’ll want to have specific strategies in place depending on your industry, target audience and which platform(s) you are utilising. You have a vast variety of options at your feet, the most popular being Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube. My personal favourite? Linkedin. Particularly for B2B. Or if you’re B2C and don’t have a huge budget to spend on Ads, my second favourite has to be Twitter (yep, some people find this surprising but our strategies for this one will blow. your. MIND!)

But hey- either way, whichever platform you choose, your main goal is to laser-target your prospecting, establishing trust and building rapport through relevant online connections/ networks. It’s about leveraging content and social platforms to drive next steps for the buyer, as well as building your personal brand and developing meaningful relationships with potential and existing buyers. Timing is important, as is putting in the effort to properly build these relationships, but a few things you need to consider:

  1. Do you know who your target audience is? Right down to interests and buying cycles?
  2. How will you find and listen to your target audience online to be able to find mutual interests and connect?
  3. How will you engage with your target audience, capturing them through both content and conversation?
  4. How will you store each prospect, knowing where they are in the buying cycle and when to follow up?
  5. How will you stand out from your competition, demonstrating your expertise and becoming an authority within your industry?

All of these things need to be determined and built into a strategy. From there you’ll also then look at things like:

  1. Trigger selling: creating conversions by triggering a customer’s impulses
  2. Referral selling: acquiring new customers through consumer referrals
  3. Insights selling: generating leads and sales by being an influencer


Now there are a number of aspects and factors that all tie into this. The land of social media is littered with halfhearted attempts at selling by companies who just do not get it, but there is in fact a science to it. It’s a case of:

“If you’re going to do something, do it properly…”

So take the time to make sure that if you’re investing your time/ money into this, it’s going to pay back. Environments change, technology changes and so approaches therefore need to adapt too. We’re not saying ditch the cold calls completely, or stop doing what you’re already doing, but by utilising what is now available to you- it’ll open you to a whole new world of opportunities!

– – –

So what next? Well, if you have the in-house knowledge, experience and man-power, what are you waiting for?! Full steam ahead troops… It’s time to incorporate social selling into your business better! For many businesses however, they don’t have the right people at their feet or the time to implement social media into their business properly; which is why outsourcing social media management is an incredibly cost-effective, feasible alternative. This is where we come in…

Blue Monkey understands that taking the plunge into a new venture can be a little daunting. For this reason, we offer a FREE business consultation to understand and discuss your options, depending on what you’re looking to achieve online. Better yet, we also have an Introductory Offer available for a limited time only, enabling you to ‘try before you buy.’ For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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