Visual Media

The complete marketing solution: Photography, Videography & Animated Videos



Whether it’s business branding, personal branding, team photos or new shots for your website – allow us to bring the details of the brand to life, through our stunning visuals which we can then get spread virally across social media. How you look, matters. We want to reflect you in the best possible light… literally!


No matter the size of your business, displaying high-quality visual content is paramount in establishing or expanding your image and reputation. We are able to capture the essence of your business, and showcase it to your audience to boost engagement and perception. 

Whether you want us to come along to your store, event, or offices, we can curate a photo-series to reflect the nature of your businesses, using our professional camera equipment and creative eye. We can also design tailor-made social media specific content, such as Instagram stories, to enhance your companies online presence and boost traffic. 


Hosting an event that you want to be immortalised in high-quality natural stills? Let us cover your event and capture every moment, from group and portrait shots, to candid in-the-moment action! Whether it is a corporate or entertainment, we are perfectly suited to document the occasion.


Video is one of the most effective mediums for content marketing, essential to many of the most successful social media, marketing and lead generation campaigns. From core branded website video content, to themed series of Youtube videos; fun new product videos; to engaging team interviews- we do it all. Video enables businesses to really connect with their audience, standing out from competitors and -when crafted correctly- really helps a company to grow.

We strive to amalgamate our own creative flair with your vision, and offer services from pre-production all the way through to delivery. By tapping into social-media content and visual trends, our content will last for years to come, to maximise your benefit. Work with us for eye-catching visuals that encourage engagement from your audience, and make your brand/service really stand out.

The creation process…

The creation process…


PRE-PRODUCTION: Allow us to transform your idea into an effective reality. Through close dialogue and meetings we can cover the plannings for the project, including story boards, visual concepts, casting of talent and visual aids, all designed to tell the story of your brand. This stage allows us to iron out any potential problems, and ensures the shoot runs efficiently.

PRODUCTION: We put together a creative team from our ever-expanding network of creators who are perfectly suited to the project at hand. All of our team are equipped with an array of industry-leading camera gear, stabilisers, and drones. Our experience of filming across the globe has honed our eye for cinematography, which ensures with cover every angle of the narrative.

POST-PRODUCTION: Once the shoot is done, we retreat to our editing cave where we tirelessly work to transform the raw footage into the cinematic visuals you envisioned. The team take advantage of the best editing software on the market, and cover everything from visual effects to sound design. For a video project we typically operate on a 2-week turn-around-time, but for an additional cost, we can fast-track the edit to within a 48-hour window.


Do you want to convey a complex message in a short time? A message that anyone can easily understand and remember, that is captivating, engaging and impactful? Then there is nothing better than an animation. We bring your ideas to life, managing the complete video production process to make your life easier. 

What We Produce:

  • Animated logos
  • Motion Graphics
  • Infographics
  • Stick Figure Videos
  • Whiteboard Videos
  • 2D and 3D Solutions 


  • Script creation
  • Character development
  • Background music
  • Voiceover (UK)
  • Sound effects
  • Full HD MP4 1080p


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