COVID Survival Plan Of Action

The next few months may be tough, but we're here to help you get through them...

Right now it’s all about survival. COVID has hit us, and hit us hard, throwing the world into a recession. It’s a natural instinct to cut back your spend in such times. You’ve got to, right? Well actually, wrong. Marketing your business now is more critical than ever. It’s your lifeline to your consumers. And Digital Marketing in particular holds the greatest opportunities due to a huge rise in global internet use amid the pandemic.

People are out there, and they are still spending. It’s just about getting them to spend with you. The fastest, most effective way to do this? Via social media.

Would you still be slashing your marketing budget if you were actually getting a return from the money you were investing? How about your time – would you be willing to put more time into your social media marketing if you actually knew what to do to get those all-important results? This is where we come in my friends…

We have two cost-effective, special offers running this month, to get you well prepared for winter…

Option 1: The Consultation

First up, we have the Consultation Option. For this, we will:

  1. Understand Your Business: Who you sell to, where to find them and how to best market to them.
  2. Assess Your Platforms: We’ll analyse your social media channels to establish the best places to put your focus. (You don’t need to tackle them all in one go!)
  3. Map Out a Plan Of Action: We’ll create a three month plan of action for what we would do to utilise social media for lead generation and sales. This includes innovating marketing campaign ideas, creating template lead generation messages and giving you samples for strategic content.
  4. Train You Up: We’ll then teach you how to implement our marketing plan yourself over a one-hour virtual call. Here, you can ask as many questions as you want / need to understand the process, learn the things you don’t already know, and move forward confidently.

What’s the price like? Well, as part of our COVID Survival Business Support Plan, we’re giving this to you for £100 instead of £150 (that’s a massive 33% off!) Not satisfied with our recommendations once you put our plans into action? We’ll then give you ANOTHER consultation call, one month later, free of charge, to ensure you do get the return you need. No risk, just results.

Option 2: One Month Advanced Boost

Understand the opportunities available online right now, but don’t have the time to fully tap into this? Want to give your social media platforms a boost – that then continues to pay back, month in month out? Then our One-Month Management option is the one for you. For this we will:

  1. Assess Your Platforms: We will do a complete social media audit of your existing channels to determine which one has the most potential for the strongest, fastest return.
  2. Complete Social Media Management: We’ll then take over the selected platform(s) for a month. During this time, our main focus is on targeted authentic follower growth (without the requirement for any additional ads spend) to populate your platform with more of the right people. Also included in management: full content creation, design work & marketing campaign innovation. It’s time to get seen and heard!
  3. Lead Generation Strategy Plan: We’ll finish by creating a lead generation strategy plan (including templates and copywriting) that you can use over the following months to capture and convert your new audience.

What’s the price like? One platform costs: £480 | For two platforms, we’re giving it to you for £850 (£110 saving = £425 per platform + 2 strategy plans included.)


It all starts with a conversation. Book your FREE consultation today. Available via email and/or over the phone.