For a limited time only, you can receive one-on-one coaching from our founder...

Want to create some serious growth on your blog? Direct traffic via social media? Create content that actually gets picked up by Google search?

Well hello there, let me introduce myself...

I’m Ell and I’m a Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Specialist and a Blogger… just like you. I’ve ran Blue Monkey Social Media for over five years now, and have been a blogger for, well, as long as I can remember.

This year I launched Forgetting Fairytales, a Dating, Relationship & Personal Development blog, that’s grown to 20,000 monthly readers in just eight months.

Because I want to share my knowledge with you. I want to teach you how to:

  1. Use social media to direct mass traffic to your blog.
  2. Craft blog posts that actually get picked up by SEO.
  3. Grow your social media platforms with new, loyal readers.
  4. OPTIONAL: Monetise your blog within 3-6 months.

You can turn your blog into a business. It doesn’t have to just be a hobby – or if it is, you can at least start to get the exposure it deserves. Now is also the best time to do it. The coronavirus has sent internet use higher than ever before… which creates huge opportunities for bloggers. Don’t let that go to waste.


This month, and this month only, I’m offering coaching calls to give one-on-one training to bloggers who are serious about taking their blog to the next level.

As part of this, you will receive:

  • A Review: I’ll do a full assessment of your blog, your content, your social media channels and your google ranking to understand where you’re currently at.
  • The Assessment: You will also complete a consultation form prior to our call to outline where you’d like to take your blog, the challenges or roadblocks you’re currently facing and what you’d like to be trained up on, so that I’m fully briefed and we can make full use of the time on our call.
  • Coaching Call: You’ll then receive a 60 minute coaching call that has been crafted specifically around you, your blog and the key areas of development that ultimately drive growth & success.

Following the call, you’ll be part of my network. I’ll be following your journey and doing all I can to support you. After all, it’s nice to be nice!


✅ I’ll be sharing the strategies, systems & knowledge that I’ve developed from years of experience. It’s focused, result-driven and backed up by proven results.

✅ Each coaching call is shaped around YOU, your blog & the specific areas that you’re struggling with. On top of this, you’ll also learn the fundamentals – the things you need to do, which you may not have even known about, but which are fundamental to success.

✅  It’s CRAZILY cost effective. You’ll receive professional training for a tiny fraction of the price and learn strategies that require absolutely 0 additional marketing spend.


Our first 10 coaching calls will be offered at £50 / €55 / ¢65. This price will then rise once all of these spaces are taken. We also have a payment plan option for 2x monthly payments prior to the call if this is more manageable.

Express your interest today to secure your spot.