Jan 31, 2014 / By Ella Stearn

Great to be connected!

Well hey, if you’re reading this, we’ve probably just connected on Linkedin. I didn’t want to bombard you with a totally long message on there, but if you’ve clicked this far, I’m going to guess that you might have a slight interest in what I do! So… as a way of a quick introduction, I’m Ell, an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Mentor and Social Media Specialist.

This little site that you’re on now is Blue Monkey Social Media: my business, my passion and the best social media provider you will come across¬†😉 And hey, it’s not just me who’s saying it ** click here for our case studies and testimonials **

Now, if you’re interested in seeing the impact social media can have on your business (we’re talking huge exposure, targeted website traffic, leads & most importantly, increased sales) I’d like to offer you our EXCLUSIVE Introductory Offer. This is kind of like ‘try before you buy’ offering you:

  1. A week’s management on one social media platform for you to get a taster of it’s potential.

  2. A 3-6 month personalised social media strategy, crafted for your business specifically around lead generation and sales.

  3. A call with one of the team, to run through your strategy plan, answer any questions you have and support you from there.

After the offer, there’s no obligation to move forward with our management. But either way, you’ll have a far better insight into the potential of your social media channels and the best route to go down for the strongest return.

If this sounds good to you, I’d love to discuss it further. Just pop me a message back on Linkedin and we can take it from there! Thanks for your time in reading. Speak soon!

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