Sep 19, 2019 / By Ella Stearn

How To Create Better Social Media Content

Want to spice up what you’re sharing? Learn how to create better social media content? Posts that really create engagement, connect with your target audience and spark off some excitingly high reach? Then buckle up! Here’s five top tips – with one you can try and apply every day of the working week…


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – people connect with real people. No-one wants to follow a faceless brand with no real voice. Just like if you’re using personal branding for lead generation / sales – you shouldn’t shy away from being yourself. Otherwise, you simply get lost in the noise of everyone else, instead of being remembered for who you are and what you’re all about.

Your business persona is reflected in your social media bios, in the captions you share, and in the comments you write as you interact with your audience. How to find a tone that sits right? Well it has to come from your people! So whether you’re a one-man-band or a business of 100+, find a voice that reflects your vision, your mission and your company culture. How do you want to be seen? What do you think your audience would best connect, relate and respond to? 

I like to generate content that’s passionate, high-energy and fun. Because remember – you can still have a professional business with a bit of a ballsy online personality! You know your stuff, you care about what you do and you’re not afraid to be a little bit ‘out there’!


Believe it or not, there is actually a science behind what motivates users to share digital content. Researchers have discovered a number of psychological triggers that inspire people to engage in online activities, which includes: social approval (a way to express their attitudes and personality, gaining affirmative feedback amongst their circle of friends and acquaintances- eg. when you share a post and a friend likes it, that shows they agree with what you’re sharing!), communication (we’re social beings, we want to nurture relationships with other people and get ‘sociable’ on social media!) supporting ideas (sharing content that signals their ideas views and beliefs) and last but not least – entertainment (because let’s be honest, at the end of the day, we all share things we like!)

When you understand that this is what drives people to share content online, you’re better able to shape your own content to connect with your target audience in these key areas.

For example- let’s say you’re a cool, new vegan food brand.

  • You can create content that talks about the importance of sustainable food sources. This is shareable as people who are passionate about this topic will share as it supports their ideas and gains social approval. 
  • You could run a competition, getting your followers to ‘vote’ for their favourite vegan foodie treat, picking from a selection of your products. This may not get shares specifically, but it will certainly create high engagement with comments if you can get this post kicked off, because like I said, we’re sociable beings and we want to get involved! It’s also a bonus when your photos LOOK GREAT and your audience is already connected to what you do!
  • Last but not least, you could try a meme of the week. Everyone loves memes. And if it gets people laughing and sharing, it attracts more attention back to you. Content that entertains!

Psst… CoSchedule did some research to discover that posts with a higher emotional value get more shares. However, when we talk about emotion, it’s actually the happy emotions that inspire people to share. Interesting huh?


While it’s important that your brand be unique, you can still draw inspiration from other businesses that are great on social – both in your own industry and within other industries too. What are they doing that is a little bit different? What do they do that compels people to engage and share their content? And what is it that you like about it personally? Make notes, take some tips and pull it into your own strategy! 

If you want to dig a little deeper into your competitors, a Competitor Analysis is always pretty neat. It will help you to:

  • Identify who your competitors are on social media
  • Know which platforms they’re on
  • Know what they’re doing on those platforms now
  • Know what they did before
  • Know how well their social strategy is working for them
  • Know their threats to your business
  • Identify gaps in your own strategy

When you do a little research, you’ll find free templates as well as helpful online tools to support your analysis. You can do it as basic or advanced as you want / need. It’s worth considering anyhow!


If your content is falling a bit flat, see how you can MIX THINGS UP! Both in terms of style and format. Ideally, you want to have a mix of topical, shareable and promotional content and alternate it. So for example, one week your schedule may be like:

Shareable quote (am)
Value-adding blog post (pm)

Study with infographic (pm)
Poll / quiz (evening)

Morning meme to push you through the week! (am)
Live video- with Q&A (pm)

Concept visualisation, inc. Offer/ Promo (am)
Topical, relatable news story (pm)

User Generated Content (UGC) ‘Photo / Story Of The Week’
Company update to finish!

You also want to consider the purpose behind every piece of content and how that links to your overall social strategy. For example, if social media plays a large part in directing traffic to your website (where you can then capture and convert visitors from there), you need to find different ways to link back to your site, through the different forms of content.

Of course the mix of your content will depend on how much time you have to put into this, plus of course the resources at your fingertips. However, no matter what you have to work with – you will still benefit from adding more variety into your posting schedule. It will make followers WANT to stay tuned with what you’re sharing, and in turn, create far more engagement and loyalty. Always focus on adding value for your followers because it pays back, I promise.


The more you play around with your content, the more you’re able to see what people actually like. Once you know what proves most popular, you are then able to share MORE of it for ongoing improvement and growth. 

When tracking performance three of the key areas to look at include:

  • Engagement: How many people are connecting with you online? Think about retweets, mentions and clicks on social media posts. Comments and shares can be very important too.
  • Reach: How many people are engaging with your content? How many people are you reaching through every post? You may also like to measure how many new connections or followers you’re gathering over the last month or so. You want to aim for continuous, quality growth!
  • Conversions: Is your social media content strategy prompting sales? This – for many people – is the ultimate goal, so it’s important to assess. One thing I would say however- is don’t rush it. It’s better to spend time creating an engaged audience FIRST, than trying to push your products/ services onto people too quickly. Take them through the sales funnel in their own time, or risk losing them early!

So there we have it folks – five things you can work on to create better social media content RIGHT NOW! And hey – if you’re not a natural, you can always outsource it over to us. The worst thing is wasting time doing things that aren’t working! So see how you get on. Got a question? Fire away in the comments box below 👇 Happy content-creating!

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