Apr 23, 2017 / By Ella Stearn

The Most Costly Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media

There’s no denying, social media is an absolute asset for businesses. In fact, if you haven’t already, read here for Seven Reasons to Use Social Media Marketing for Your Business. Crazy right?! Far more benefits that you may even realise. BUT: it’s easy to get things wrong and end up wasting more time and money than it’s worth. Here’s a few key mistake areas businesses commonly fall into…

  1. Doing It For The Sake of It: Now this has to stand at number one, because it is so so common. You kind of get that social media is important, you want to have a presence on there, you invest a relative amount of time in it: posting on different platforms, giving a few different things a try, but you’re not seeing the results because you’re doing it half-heartedly. Like everything: you should always know your outcome and what you’re looking to achieve. Whether you have an employee in charge of your social media or you do it yourself, make sure: if you’re going to be online (which you should be!)- you’ve got a clear strategy and can see that return. If you’re not, well one thing you can do right now, is sign up for our FREE Eguide and Bootcamp here. This breaks down the different platforms and ‘How You Can Increase Your Sales by 50% Using Social Media.’ We’re incredibly results driven and if you are too: this will really help. *Click Here*
  2. Spreading Yourself Too Thin: Now in all honesty: building an effective social media strategy and implementing that effectively takes time and effort. With the plethora of social media platforms available today and new ones seemingly emerging every other month, it’s easy to get lured into the trap of trying to build a presence on all of them. Creating and maintaining a successful campaign on one platform is difficult enough. But trying to do it on several of them? It becomes overwhelming and means you’re actually having far less impact. Choose the social platforms where your target audience are already thriving, make that platform work for you and your business and then branch out!
  3. Blending In: What I mean by this? Posting the same old content that get’s limited interaction, adding no personality to your brand at all and not really doing anything DIFFERENT to your competitors! If your page and content is uninspiring, you won’t generate enough interest to get people clicking on your posts, let alone bobbing across to your page and website. It won’t work. Get creative, be imaginative and put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. How can you present things in new and exciting ways?! What are the latest trends/ trending hashtags that you can jump on? How can you stand out? ‘Creativity in life is about saying yes to new ideas…’ Keep thinking on your feet!
  4. Switching Off: Another fatal mistake relating to content is being -what I like to call- a ‘Simon Says’… Pushing and pushing and pushing your products/ services to the point where it’s just a total turn off. See, while self-promotion is necessary, remember that many of your social followers are aware of your products already – they don’t need another broad sales pitch. So while the odd promotional post – perhaps outlining a new product or service – is okay, you have to mix it up. Incessant promotional material is tiring and bombarding people with the same kind of promotional stuff is a bad strategy. Too much self-promotion becomes kind of like spam email, adding no value whatsoever to your followers and fans. In such cases, you will only end up alienating existing customers who will unfollow you. Be clever about it.
  5. Not Understanding The Different Social Media Platforms: ‘Knowledge is power’ as Francis Bacon once said. If you’re still posting Youtube videos on Facebook, putting website links on Instagram posts or automating the same content to go on every single social media platform without tweaking it suitably for the site and audience: you need to get back to the books and swat up! It’s only wasting time and making you look, well, maybe a little amateur/ unprofessional. The harsh truth is: many businesses launch social strategies without a proficient understanding of what successful social media marketing looks like. This often leads to costly mistakes that can damage your brand’s reputation for years to come. Do your research, understand it properly, or hire others that really do.
  6. Paying for Likes or Followers: Now I get it, growing your social media following takes time, it’s hard to get it off the ground to begin with and it’s a long, hard, GRUELLING job. The temptation is there to cut corners and simply buy your way to follower growth! But, the truth is: it’s not worth it. The followers you buy are not real people. There’s no potential for leads or customers and they won’t genuinely interact in your posts, so even if you have the numbers: you will look no more credible as people will see: it’s not genuine. If anything, buying followers only negatively impacts your business. Trust me: it’s a bad idea and only wastes your time and money! Do not do it. I repeat: do not do it! It may test your patience but working on building organic followers who are actually interested in what you’re offering is what will really get you that return coming back. Focus on that instead.
  7. Failing to Build Trust or Relationships: Relationship building is at the heart of social media. We’re in the information age: we have heaps of it coming out here, there and everywhere and if you try to just plough out more: you will only get lost amongst it all. Instead you need to watch, listen and interact with your audience. When you put content online, the main aim is to get interactions back: sharing, liking, commenting, engaging and ultimately: clicking through to your site which then does the rest of the selling for you. The better you connect with your audience, the more of this you’ll get back. Work on engaging, creating conversation and building relationships. Put a face/ name behind the brand and make it personable. Companies that engage proactively with their customers are able to generate trust much more efficiently which increases not only sales but repeat buying and brand loyalty. Remember: you don’t need to speak to everyone (it wouldn’t be possible in most cases!), but reach out, see what you get back and certainly respond to anyone who contacts you.

Are you falling into any of these traps? It’s easily done. For a free social media consultation to guide your business in the right direction, get in touch here.

Thanks for reading.

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